Expanding the boundaries of luxury automobile marketing


Now owned by Fletcher Jones Motorcars Group, the nation’s #1 Mercedes-Benz center, Theodavies Euromotors was a Mercedes-Benz dealer based in Honolulu, Hawaii with another location in Maui. At the time of this marketing campaign, the Theodavies Euromotors dealer group was one of the top luxury automobile dealers in the state.


Theodavies Euromotors wanted to gain the attention of Hawaii’s rapidly growing wealthy population in a way that was cost-effective and generated a great ROI. The dealership’s only requirement was the use of a black and white photo of three C-class models, which they provided, as well as a matrix of the pricing breakdown.


I developed the creative strategy, concept, design and message for a powerful direct mail campaign. Initially, my innovative use of the requisite black and white photo of the three C-class models intrigued the client, but my additional creative solutions — which took the design to the next level — really impressed them.

In order to increase the richness of the mailer design and make the campaign more effective, I requested approval to source images found on the Mercedes-Benz USA corporate website for the cover of the mailers, which made them more eye-catching. Theodavies Euromotors was unaware that the corporate Mercedes-Benz vehicle asset photography was available to use in their marketing campaigns, and were ultimately thrilled with the look and voice of their new and improved direct mailers. My creative solution, along with an innovative direct mail distribution strategy, made Hawaii’s high society stand up and take notice.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Copywriting

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