Coupon campaign gets sales rising


The Oroweat brand is built on heritage and tradition. Founded in 1932, Oroweat was created with the vision of providing consumers with premium quality, and this remains the cornerstone of their breads. Their bakery’s trademark of using whole grains came about during the Great Depression when ingredients were scarce and expensive. This innovation produced delicious results, creating a demand for Oroweat products nationwide.


Oroweat aimed to boost sales for its various bread products through a direct mail campaign. They wanted to target grocery shoppers who were cost-conscience, as well as attract new customers who had not yet tried their delicious products. Oroweat needed a solution that would educate consumers about their story and products while offering them an incentive to buy their products.


I worked with Oroweat to design and develop a direct mail campaign highlighting their products through beautiful and inviting rich photography, as well as a simple yet stylish design that complemented their brand. The simple and compelling message thanked consumers for trying their products while emphasizing Oroweat’s fresh ingredients.

I designed the direct mail piece with a section offering coupons for selected products which could be easily detached and redeemed. In order to highlight the connection between the bread and consumer savings, I created a visual “cut-out” design element around the call to action. Oroweat was thrilled with the increase in sales from this direct marketing campaign, which they were able to track through specific coupon codes.


Art Direction, Graphic Design, Photography, Photo Styling

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