Natrol Wall Art

A pop of wall color with pop-art masters inspiration


Founded in 1980 as a cosmetics company, Natrol evolved over the past several decades into one of the most recognized name brands in the Vitamin, Mineral and Supplement category, helping to form what is now titled the “Nutraceuticals” industry. Natrol is considered a pioneer in formulating food into medicinal supplements for better health and wellness.


In 2019, the Creative and Marketing teams moved into a newly renovated building on Owensmouth Avenue, just a block away from the corporate headquarters. The style was clean, bright, and modern. Management asked me as the Head of Creative, to develop and create new artwork for the walls. The request was to create artwork which was impactful and to relate to the overall Natrol brand and products.


From the start, I had envisioned a concept which would display the creativity of the Marketing and Creative offices, while meshing with the modern style of the decor.

I tapped into my classical art education knowledge and started creating replicas of well-known mid-century modern pieces while incorporating the Natrol brand in a transformative way. I created Natrol versions of pieces from pop-art masters such as Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, Piet Mondrian, Jackson Pollock, and Keith Haring. I also included a few current pop-artists like Romero Britto and Shag.

Although the Ben-Day dots were tedious, it was worth the extra work. Management was overjoyed with the results. The vivid colors really popped off of the monotone color palette of the modern office decor. Everyone who visited the office immediately commented about the artwork on the walls. Some recognized the original reference pieces and some didn’t, but that’s ok. All loved the artistic renditions, the color, and the Natrol brand tie-ins.


Creative Direction, Conceptual Design, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Photography, Team Management

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